Follow-up when Looking for a Job


As in sales, a follow-up is an approach that should not be ignored when it comes to the hiring process. Here are some suggestions on this topic in the form of a guideline, but the main one is this: be proactive.

Following up on your job interviews is an excellent way to show that you are effectively interested in that opportunity and at the same time it is an excellent possibility to learn and develop your career. Ask the person doing the interview for their contact information and make sure you write down the name correctly.

Ask the job interviewer straight away if they are going to contact every applicant and in order to avoid disappointments inquire about the possibility of contacting the company directly and the most convenient day/time to do so.

Two days after the interview send an e-mail thanking the person who interviewed you for their time and consideration regarding your application and reiterating that you are interested in the company and the concerned job position. This is an excellent way to stand out among the other applicants. Make it a point to send a thank you note for every hiring process where you take part regardless of the outcome. This way, it will reflect well on you in the case of a second opportunity.

As a general rule, a week is the right period of time to wait before you follow up by phone. If you are given a time for you to receive an answer during the interview you should respect it and not try to find anything out before the concerned date. Do not be upset if you do not hear from the company. There may be unforeseen circumstances or the process may be delayed for some reason. This does not mean they are not interested in you.

Never stop looking for a job just because a job interview went particularly well or a company showed interest in your profile for the following stage of selection. You should continue actively involved in every process that may interest you. If you do not have the direct contact of the person who did the interview, or you do not wish to bother the concerned person, you may contact the company’s Human Resources in order to know the status of the process.

You may follow up by e-mail, but a phone call is the ideal method. But you should be prepared before you make the call. It is important that you know exactly what you want to say. Do not fear sounding persistent. Giving the company a call to find out the status of the process will only show them that you are interested and excited about this opportunity.

It is, however, important that you keep your common sense. Do not call them twice or three times in one week let alone on the same day. If they have not yet chosen anyone, when you call them ask them if they have a date in mind for the decision and only contact the company again around that date. Do not fear a less positive answer.

In fact, this might also be a good opportunity to ask whether there are more open vacancies for that company. If after a few tries you are still unable to get in touch with the interviewer or someone in charge of the company’s Human Resources know when to give up and redirect your attention to other job opportunities.

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