How to Add Value to your Job Search



Image always counts and this also applies to your CV. Having a customised CV adapted by each applicant to the job offer/company to which you are applying is ideal instead of sending a standard CV.


Social Networks are a communication tool used by a large number of companies, which means that they will often advertise job offers on their Facebook and LinkedIn pages.

From the point of view of an applicant, it may also be important to have an active and professional profile on LinkedIn since many companies look for new talents in this social network.


Companies know straight away that applicants also sent their CV to other companies, for which reason it is not necessary to try and convey otherwise. Anyway, following up to try to know at what stage the hiring process is as well as other matters will show them that this applicant is interested in working for said company.


It is essential to remain active even when you are unemployed. It is not only important to actively look for job offers but to also constantly seek to acquire knowledge either in workshops, webinars, or courses on your field of interest.

Appearing to be dynamic and proactive will help you stand out among other applicants.

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